Goods Eligible for TIB Entry

The only goods that qualify for TIB entry are those listed in subheadings 9813.00.05 through 9813.00.75 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the U.S. (HTSUS).
However, if the goods covered by these subheadings are being brought into the country for sale, or for sale-on-approval (i.e., a boat), they would not be eligible under the TIB provision. If the intent to sell is made after entry, then the importer's liability would be limited to the bond obligation.
Merchandise sold in the U.S. for exportation to a foreign purchaser is not considered "imported for sale or sale on approval" within the meaning of the law.
The following subheadings are listed as they appear in the fourteen HTSUS article descriptions.
Note: Theatrical props and scenery no longer require a TIB for duty free entry. "Theatrical scenery, properties, and apparel (9817.00.98) brought into the US by proprietors or managers of theatrical, ballet, opera or similar productions arriving from abroad for temporary use by them in such productions" are now DUTY FREE unless from a column 2 country. Since this is not a TIB provision, there is no 1year export (with extensions up to 3 years) requirement. In other words, these types of theatrical items can make a duty free entry.


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